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★Be sure to return your bicycle by 18:00 on the day. If you are likely to be late, please contact +81 84 961 3320 AREA INN FUSHIMI-CHO.
●Identification/Passport is required at the time of reception.

●If you have any troubles or accidents with rental bikes, please contact us. +81 80 5759 0634 SHUSUKE SHIMADA *the owner of e-bikes.
●You will be charged for any damage, theft or loss of your bicycle and its accessories.
●We are not responsible for accidents or theft, unless it is our fault.
●Lending may be refused if it is determined that there is a problem with riding a bicycle. Example: Drunk, not accustomed to cycling, etc.
●Depending on your physique, you may not be able to use the bicycle. Up to 110kg weight limit. If your height is less than 155cm, please test and check.
●The use of bicycle rental is limited to the applicant in principle. Sublease is not allowed.
●Bicycle rental fees include domestic travel accident insurance. Please check the insurance details below.
*Death/Permanent Disability: up to 3,000,000 JPY

*Hospitalization: up to 2,000 JPY/Day

*Outpatient Visit: up to 1,000 JPY/Day

*personal liability: up to 30,000,000 JPY

*Limited to using hospitals in Japan.

●Observe traffic rules on the left-hand side, keep a distance between cars and bikes, and try to drive safely.
●If you are on a sidewalk that allows bicycles, slow down the side of the road and be careful not to block pedestrians.
●Be sure to turn on the lights when driving at evening.
●Wear a helmet for safety.
●Practice in a flat place where cars can not pass until you get used to the e-bike.
●Check the battery level frequently while cycling.
●Do not change gear while stopped not to break it.
●Don't leave it lying down outdoors with strong rain winds not to give damage with electrical components.


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